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AT THE TIME OF THE END. Explanation of Bible prophecy from Daniel 11 & 12 of world events from World Wars One and Two until the return of Christ and the resurrection. So, the time is short.

THE PROBLEMS WITH FREE WILL. Are we eternally saved by the free exercise of God’s will or man’s will?  Who is it that determines who goes to heaven and who goes to hell?  -- God or man? The Bible has the answer.

DOES GOD LOVE THE PEOPLE IN HELL?  Would he send someone he dearly loves to hell forever?  This a hard question that needs to be answered scripturally.

WHO ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL?  We know who the children of God are -- but whom did Jesus Christ call the children of the devil?

THE TULIP ACROSTIC.   The famous list of the 5 points of theology that have divided Christian people for a long time.

WHO ARE THE ELECT?  The Bible speaks many times of God’s “elect”.  Who are these people?

GROWING UP WITH GOD.  Does every believer need a “born again” testimony to prove he is “saved”?  Is being born again an identifiable experience, or a present reality?

DIVORCE CAN BE DANGEROUS. Many marriages in Africa have been saved by a reading of this tract.

THE ROMAN ROAD REVISITED. (This is a booklet) Romans, chapter ten, is not a road to heaven.  That is not its context.

SAVED FROM WHAT?  The word “saved” in the Bible is usually misapplied to those who are born again and going to heaven.  This assumption leads into many wrong beliefs and ideas.

WHO ARE “SHEEP AND GOATS”?  Jesus said he came to save his lost sheep and divide them from goats.  Who are they – and who are goats?    

WILLINGLY WALKING INTO THE DARK. Why did Adam eat of the forbidden fruit -- when New Testament scripture shows that Eve was deceived but Adam was not deceived by the devil?

IS JERUSALEM STILL UNDER A CURSE?  What did Jesus mean when he pronounced coming destruction and persecution upon Jerusalem?

A MIGHTY FORCE IN THE LAND.  The presence of the miraculous works of the Holy Spirit in Christianity is not new at all, but has been happening from time to time ever since the Day of Pentecost.  But the factual reporting of it is lacking.

WHAT?  ME RAISE MY HANDS IN CHURCH?  WHY?  Scriptural reasons for the command for congregations to raise their hands in worship to God.

THE IMPORTANCE OF PAST EVENTS IN BIBLE PROPHECY.   Placing the Book of Revelation into the future is wrong. Most of it has already happened and can be easily traced.

METHODS OF INTERPRETING BIBLE PROPHECY. Words such as historicist, futurist, pre-mil, post-mil and a-mil explained.

AMERICA IN BIBLE PROPHECY.  Contrary to popular teaching today, the believing, active church of Jesus Christ is shown prophetically in Revelation.

THE GREAT IMAGE OF DANIEL 2 EXPLAINED IN HISTORY.  Seven great empires foreseen from Daniel to Revelation.

THE SEVENTY WEEK PROPHECY OF DANIEL, CHAPTER 9.  The exact number of years explained, stretching from Daniel to the time of Jesus Christ.  

THE NATIONS AT THE END OF TIME.  Daniel, chapter 7 prophetically shows the arrangement of nations preceding the second coming of Christ.

CODES IN REVELATION. There are phrases in the Book of Revelation that exactly identify Christ’s kingdom, Satan’s kingdom and what happens to them.

ISLAM AND THE BOOK OF REVELATION.  Within the past 1,400 years there have been two invasions by Islamic countries into the Christian part of the world.  This is seen in Revelation as 3 “woes” -- one by  Arabians in the 8th century against North Africa and Spain, and one by Turks against  southeast Europe in the 1,500’s.  We are now facing the third and last woe --- by the unified Islamic Middle East against the entire “Christian” world.