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Discipleship Articles

Having a salvation knowledge of God is the most important experience in a believer's life. But although a wedding is a life event, it's not end of the relationship, but only the beginning. Just so, coming to the Lord is the firt step in a relationship that will span a lifetime and beyond. These articles cover the practical discipleship steps needed to live out Christianity, such as how to hear God and how to avoid sin.

Don't Wait - We Only Have Now

We're on this earth for a short period of time. We know we have an eternal destiny, but what does the God who created us expect from us while we are here? 

How to Abide in Jesus

God is not a distant God. He is here and present in the lives of his people. He wants us to know him and hear him in our lives. So, why don't we hear from him more? Why don't we feel him in our hearts more? The deeper relationship with the Lord requires abiding.

Can I Have Faith in My Faith?

Faith is a deep subject. It's essential in our work in God's kingdom, yet too often we followers of Christ don't understand it well enough to use it properly. 

Learning to Resist Sin

We know God calls us to holiness and Christian maturity, yet we're all sinners. How can we move away from sinning and closer to holiness? 

God's View of Homosexuality

No matter what the sin, it's God's view of it that matters, not our own. We conform our thoughts to his, not the other way around.

God's Serious Law and Order for Our Homes

God creates law and order in heaven and earth, both. This extends to our homes. This article looks at what it means to be the head or guide of a home.

Real Urban Fantasy

Urban fantasy refers to fantastic unseen worlds that exist all around us. Christianity is the ultimate and the ultimately true urban fantasy.