Bible messages by radio and internet to Africa, Asia and the world

Waymarks Tent Meeting in Kenya

Waymarks Ministry Broadcasts

God’s people are everywhere, in all nations and all people. Waymarks Ministries focuses on providing strong Bible teaching by shortwave radio to people in developing nations. Shortwave is able to penetrate rural localities and across national borders, even into areas where the Internet and AM or FM radio is unavailable or controlled. All Waymarks teaching is free.

Our programs broadcasts through these shortwave stations:

Radio East Africa - This station reaches East African nations including Gabon east to Somalia, and Central African Republic south to Zambia.

21525 kHz

13 meter band

Saturday 16:00 UTC

Bible Voice India 2 - This station reaches all of India and close parts of several countries, like Pakistan.

11945 kHz

25 meter band

Tuesday 02:00 UTC (7:30 AM)

To determine whether it can be heard in your area, contact Pan American Broadcasting by email at