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Most of our current mail response is coming from the African countries of Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, and Republic of South Africa, as well as Russia and the USA.

Listeners in Africa naturally share the teaching cassettes with each other, playing them in hospitals, schools and public places, and inviting others into their homes to hear them. Therefore, one cassette is usually heard by many people. Pastors use the tapes widely, as effective tools for evangelizing and teaching. Here are a few testimonies.

From Monrovia, Liberia
I thank and praise God for the program, "Waymarks"...as I was invited to tune in to you by parents, I have also begun inviting friends and neighbors, especially those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God many people are listening to you from Liberia, especially these troubled days in our destroyed country. But we want to encourage you to continue the good work, yours is our favorite on Radio Africa.

From Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Your cassettes have drawn attention of many people as a result they are pouring in great numbers to join the church I look forward to hearing from you. (A pastor)

From Nyika, Zimbabwe
Your gospel helped us some people are now coming from evil deeds and do God's will due to your preaching...pastors are now willing to hear more about your preaching.

From Harare, Zimbabwe
As an evangelist and Preacher, the message touched my life. It was inspiration and Word of God to my life. It was a blessing also to others.

From Zimbabwe:
Greetings in Christ's name.. How are you over there. Here I am teaching all the things you commanded me. Sir I have got my own church the name of our church is WAYMARKS. It is in the city of Zaka. Our church has got more than 200 pupils...

From Benin City, Ghana:
Brother, some weeks ago another radio congress was taken place in our church, and people from other churches were invited to come and listen to a wonderful message from a man of God in America...your sermon about the MISSING MESSAGE on radio Africa was unique... Through this program most of the people has really believe about the second coming of Christ is at hand. And as a result, about ten of the people were converted. We thank God for the delivering power of His word. (Evangelist)

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