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July 17, 1997: For I am the God who heals thee and has sufficiency for all your needs; for My bounty is overflowing, and My rivers are always full. For I am not a God who cannot be touched with all your infirmities. I am the God to whom all flesh shall come.

Where are the people who seek My name, and where are My supplicants? For My name shall be glorious from the East to the West, and all shall bow before Me. And I seek for those who yearn for Me with all their hearts.

Listen across the spaces and hear the sound of marching armies. They are coming to do My will, for I have sent them, and they are Mine. For there will be destruction and sorrow, but I shall have joy in My house. For you are to gather My people -- the ones who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice, and they shall stand firm in the day of destruction and loss; for they are faithful, and they bear My name, and they are holy.

January 7, 1998: Where are those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice? Where have they gone, and when shall they return? For I have sought them early upon the mountains and in the dens of the earth. I have called to them with lovingkindness and have stretched out My arms to them, and they have turned away. For they have all gone after their own delights, and built their own cathedrals with untempered mortar. My heart calls for them in the wilderness where there is no water, and My hands have stretched out to them.

Oh, send the call through the nations that the Lord still lives, and His name shall be on every doorpost and on every house, and no man shall seek Me without finding Me. (Oh, sing hallelujah! The Lord omnipotent reigns!)

September 1, 1998: They that call upon Me are precious to Me, and I will help them in time of calamity. For the war shall come and spread over much of the earth. Battle calls, explosions, weather, fear on every front; these are the things I will send. And who shall oppose Me? For I am mightier than them all. And yet, I carry My lambs lovingly in My arms.

Sound the clarion call, and assemble the armies. Say in the high places that the Lord is angry with the nations, for they have rebelled and forsaken His way. Who shall draw near unto Me? I will support him, for I will discern among all flesh those that are Mine and those whom I love and cherish. When they fall they will be helped with a little help, but there is no rest for the wicked.

Hear my cry, O nations, for the Lord is come out of His place to do to the inhabitants of the earth what suits His will, No man stands before Me, says the Lord, of his own power. And I shall give power to My servants, who shall go forth and conquer in My name, to the ends of the earth. Glory is there, and love and truth will follow.


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