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Why do we give away our gospel materials? When the Lord Jesus Christ was initially sending out some of His disciples to preach and minister, He told them. "...freely you have received, freely give" (Matthew 10:8). We felt that this command must have been important at that time, and probably still has application today in the kingdom. So we did that. We began to offer free cassette taped messages over the radio.

We soon learned that just buying stamps for a letter is a major expense for most people in third-world countries, so there was practically no way they could pay for cassettes to be sent to them from America. In fact, our listeners will often put several letters in one envelope so they can afford to send them. It's God's Word, and He provides the means to spread it around.

This is what Christian broadcasters are now saying about radio evangelism...

Lester Sumrall for World Harvest Radio:
"Shortwave radio is one of the most powerful tools the body of Christ has to proclaim the Gospel to the masses. It crosses borders closed to missionaries. It touches the homes of people who do not trust the news (propaganda) they hear from their own governments. It brings teaching, instruction and discipleship to people in desperate need."

High Adventure Ministries:
"The traditional method of evangelism by missionaries has become less efficient due to a number of global trends. Urbanization, politics and sheer numbers have each taken their collective toll on field missionaries.

"Television, although effective, is not readily available to the masses of people inhabiting Africa, China and much of the third world. Other efforts, such as the distribution of Gospel literature, have been limited in their effectiveness due to the illiteracy of nearly one billion people worldwide.

"We firmly believe God has given the church the tool of international, shortwave radio as a key to communicating the Gospel. Due to the availability of local radio throughout North America, world class radio is not essential. However, elsewhere people depend upon world class broadcasts for their news and information. Foreign broadcasts provide a vital link for millions of people who would otherwise be cut off."

Testimonies from Three Pastors

From Chinoyi, Zimbabwe:
I write in desperation, requesting for gospel tapes and booklets for use in our local ministry.

From Chegutu, Zimbabwe:
I used the tape in one of the Sunday services, and we reaped many souls into God's kingdom. There was deep repentance and time conversions.

From Taraba State, Nigeria:
As I write to you today, countless thousands right here in this remote island and religious land of Taraba are dying without Christ. Someone has well said, why should they hear the Word repeatedly in America when untold thousands have never heard.

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