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  • Information about how Waymarks Ministries is sending strong biblical messages by shortwave radio programs into many nations of the world.
  • An archive of thirteen major articles from God's Word that impact Christian thinking and beliefs today.
  • Easy email access on this site for ordering more free Christian literature that speaks to critical Kingdom issues of our time -- in the church and in the world -- also free cassette tapes.

Here are some examples of what's available:

Is God to be feared? What do you think?
Many well meaning Christians today are taking the view that God is not to be "feared" -- but only to be respected and honored. Is this true and in agreement with the Word of God? On this site is the article, "Is God Judgmental?" Also available to order, the audio cassette, "The Fear of God".

Does the Bible reveal the world power structure of the end time?
A prophecy in the Book of Daniel reveals the three major world power centers that will be in place at the time when our Lord returns. They are here now! What nations are they? Click "Send e-mail" to request the article, "Nations at the End of Time". It will be sent back to you by email attachment. Or order the cassette tape by the same title -- sent by first class mail.

Does Bible prophecy show us anything about our present battle with Islamic terrorists?
Yes, the three major wars between the nations of Christianity and the nations of Islam are described in the Book of Revelation as "three woes." The first woe took place in Europe in the seventh century AD, and the second in the sixteenth century. The third and last woe has begun now in our time and will conclude with the return of Christ to the earth. You may request "The third Woe" by clicking "Send e-mail", available both as return email attachment or cassette tape.

Does God cause storms, earthquakes, plagues and diseases?
Click "Send e-mail" to request the free articles, "Unbelief in the Local Church" and "Pleading Ignorance in the Kingdom of God". They will be sent by return email.

Should Christians celebrate Christmas?
Click "Send e-mail" to ask for the article, "Christmas Is for Goats Too".

Will there Really Be A "Great Tribulation?"
Click "Send e-mail" to ask for the free article "The Great Tribulation".

Click "Feature"
To find a scriptural article that will take your Christian thinking and perspectives out of the box. Following this article you can go to others by clicking "Next Article." All of these messages are written to challenge popular "churchy" thinking by looking at God's scripture in the light of what is actually states, instead of what we have heard it means.

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To see a listing of strong scriptural articles that can be requested by email from this site -- also cassette tapes.

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Loren Wilson

About Us
Waymarks is the Bible teaching ministry of Loren and Diane Wilson. God has blessed us to broadcast weekly in-depth Bible teaching programs over short wave radio to listeners living in Africa and many other parts of the world. We have broadcast our weekly Bible teaching programs over international stations that covered North America, Africa, The Middle East and The Far East. Waymarks Ministry's' design and intent is to provide Christian believers with sound Biblical instruction on levels that go well beyond basic evangelism.

Besides radio broadcasts, we conduct a heavy international mail ministry -- both by email and regular mail, by sending out teaching cassettes, books and literature -- always free of charge (Matthew 10:8). Waymarks has received many thousands of letters from listeners living in countries around the world, and Loren Wilson has made short term ministry trips to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Kenya. God is the author of our ministry to the nations, and it is a blessing to us for speak to them about His sovereignty, judgment, mercy, love and His coming Kingdom.

You may contact us by clicking "Send e-mail" on this home page.

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